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Bowling Green

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday    10am -2pm and 4pm-6pm
Saturday    9am-10am and 12pm-4pm
Sunday    Closed

“Don’t judge it until you try it, you don't know how addictive and enjoyable it can be. A sport for all generations which is learned quickly but takes years to master”

The Lourdes facility is home to a four lane outdoor all-weather bowling green with all relevant bowling equipment available onsite. It is the only outdoor bowling green, other than Skerries, within a 30 mile radius of Louth. There are approximately 25 Bowlers who play at the facility on a regular basis, most of whom play on a recreational basis with others using it to practice for external indoor and outdoor competitions.

Despite being perceived as “an old man’s game”, bowls is a sport for all the family and one which anyone can play, regardless of age, ability or fitness level. It is easy to learn but challenging and can be as relaxed or as competitive as you want. It can be played individually, with friends or in a team using two, three or four bowls, which come in seven different sizes and weights to suit all hands sizes. The aim is to roll your bowls nearer to the target (a small yellow/white ball called a Jack) than your opponent, or yourself if you are just practicing. It offers low-impact physical activity which helps improve fitness and develop balance, strength, coordination and skill. It also combines accuracy, strategy, expertise and a lot of fun while improving overall wellbeing and meeting new people. Furthermore, for those with mobility issues, there are various physical aids to assist in playing bowls.

As expressed by some Lourdes facility Bowling Green users, bowls is played for many reasons e.g. the challenge and competition, personal enjoyment, activity, the pleasure of spending time outdoors and social interaction. While being a therapeutic form of exercise for many, what users enjoy most about the facility is the craic, friendly staff and the opportunity to meet friends in a safe and clean environment.

The Lourdes Stadium welcomes new casual bowling green users to try out bowls and meet new people. For images of the Bowling Green see 'Gallery'.